POS system setup for Blimp transactions 

To record Blimp transactions, you'll first need to add Blimps as a payment method. After it has been configured as such, you'll be able to select it when a customer asks to redeem their blimps for a purchase at your business. Configuration of new payment methods / tender types are different for each POS system. Please find your system's name and click the link for full configuration instructions. 

A. Setup for POS systems with automatic transactions record: 


  • Square - Read full instructions here

  • Toast - Read full instructions here 

  • Revel - Read full instructions here

  • Clover - Read full instructions here

  • Thrive - Read full instructions here

  • Lightspeed - Read full instructions here

  • Quickbooks - Read full instructions here

  • Future - The steps are as follows: Go to the Back Office section ⟶ Maintenance ⟶ Media ⟶ Media Maintenance ⟶ Find a media (tender) option that is not already preloaded ⟶ add this media option ⟶ name it Blimps ⟶ Save ⟶ it should take several minutes for the Blimps option to save and appear as a tender type.

  • Cash App - Does not support a new tender type, must be setup manually (see below).

B. Setup for POS systems with manual transactions record: 

In case you use a manual register, or your existing POS system does not support adding a new tender type, we recommend you have a manual record for Blimps transactions. Here are few suggestions: 

● Marking any receipts that are paid for with Blimps in a distinguishable way (such as writing the letter 'B' on the receipt) and filing the receipts for reconciliation at the end of each payment period. 

● Logging every Blimp transaction on a spreadsheet or other bookkeeping software. 

● Repurposing an existing tender type that is not used (for example an IOU button or a Gift

Certificate button). This button or tender type should be exclusively used to record Blimp 

transactions and will effectively serve as the Blimp button on their POS. 

To continue giving your customers the best service, please make sure to train your stuff on the Blimps redemption transactions. 

 We are always happy to assist you. For any further inquiries, please contact our support team at contact.akronite@colu.com